Blockchain platform developed by JBS begins operation

A blockchain project has resulted in advances in the traceability of the beef cattle production chain in the Amazon Biome.

Suppliers of food company JBS can register their suppliers to enable compliance for breeding beef cattle on the Transparent Livestock Farming Platform to make it possible to extend data monitoring to cattle suppliers.

Beef producers who directly supply JBS will list their suppliers of animals on the platform developed by Ecotrace. As the platform is open, other companies within the industry can also use the system.

The data will be sent electronically for validation by Agri Trace Rastreabilidade Animal.

Once authorized by the producer, the CNA (Brazilian Confederation of Agricultura and Livestock Farming) checks if the list of suppliers is complete.

The analysis will be sent to JBS suppliers who will be able to view socio-environmental compliance throughout the entire supply chain. This means they will be able to develop plans to mitigate risks and engage in actions that help producers to regularize their operations when necessary.

JBS will not have access to sensitive information, only to the consolidated analysis of its suppliers. It will be possible to maintain the commitment to the confidentiality of third-party information.

All beef cattle suppliers of JBS will sign up to the program by the end of 2025.