A man invested 400 pesos one night in the Rocket Bunny cryptocurrency and ‘woke up’ being a billionaire

A resident of Manchester, Georgia, in the United States named Christopher Williamson invested 20 dollars (about 400 Mexican pesos at the current exchange rate) in the cryptocurrency Rocket Bunny on the night of June 15 without suspecting that he would wake up only to realize that his investment had multiplied to be worth $ 1.4 trillion .

However, Williamson tried to sell his cryptocurrencies, but the Coinbase page was no longer displaying the same price. He tried to communicate with the representatives of the cryptocurrency trading platform that he had used to clarify his situation.

“I need someone to explain what the hell is going on and send me a check. There is a megayacht shaped like a penguin waiting for me,” the man wrote in a tweet dedicated to the official Coinbase account and the Rocket Bunny.

According to an email received by the Fox 5 channel, the “billionaire” assured that he would invite everyone to his penguin megayacht if Coinbase decided to pay him.

Nonetheless, Coinbase ‘sank’ Williamson’s dreams days later.